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Mr. Steele cofounder North Coast Rocketry, a hobby model rocket company that designed, developed, manufactured and marketed high performance rocket motors and models for consumers. In 1995, the North Coast Rocketry products were licensed to Estes Industries (Penrose, CO), where Matt went to serve as Marketing Manager. Matt has designed over 100different model rocket kits sold by Estes, Quest, Hobby Lab and North Coast Rocketry.

Matt has been a member of: 

7 US International Teams, winning 2 individual bronze and 
2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze team medals
NAR National Championship teams
NAR Section Champions 

Matt has also served as a NAR Trustee (9 years), National Contest Board Chairman, and Contest Director for two NAR Annual Meets (NARAM-30 and NARAM-48). 

A native of Ohio, Mr. Steele received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Kent State University and a Master of Business Administration in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. 

Professionally, Matt is currently the Vice President of Business Development for the Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC). AAC launches orbital and suborbital missions out of Kodiak Launch Center on Kodiak Island, Alaska. He was the Director of Strategy and Business Development for Vehicle Integration Services at ATK Space Systems. He pursues opportunities for ATKís Vehicle Integration Services business, including the Lockheed Martin/ATK Athena launch vehicle, Dnepr Launch Vehicle, and other sub orbital and launch vehicles. 

Matt also acted as the Lead Propulsion Engineer for Orbitalís Pegasus, Taurus, Minotaur, Hyper-X X43A, and Ground-Based Missile Defense Orbital Boost Vehicle (GMD OBV) launch vehicles while at Orbital Sciences Corporation. He sat on the launch console for six Pegasus missions. At Thiokol Corporation (now ATK), he was the Mk-70 program manager, and the associate program manager SLAT, MK-36, MK-72 and Castor IV/Atlas AIIS solid rocket motors. As a program engineer for Hercules Aerospace (now ATK), he developed and tested complex composite space structures used on TDRS and Galileo satellites. Prior to that, Mr. Steele was a Captain in the US Army, overseeing the Pershing Ia and Pershing II maintenance in Heilbronn, Germany, and Fort Sill.  

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