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SR-99 HyperSwift™


The NCR SR-99 HyperSwift™ represents a future hypersonic interceptor.

The SR-99 decor, developed by renowned designer Shrox, features a "Stealth" operational theme.

The kit features laser-cut plywood fins, colorful detailed self adhesive decals, plywood centering rings, an easy-to-finish plastic nose cone, and the heavy duty Gorilla™ shock cord system.


Length: 37" (94 cm)
Diameter: 2.64" (6.7 cm)
Weight: 15.8 oz (450 g)
24-36" Parachute Required (not included)

Predicted Altitudes

F15-4 848 ft. (258 m)
F26-6FJ 1,215 ft. (370 m)
F50-6T 1,175 ft. (357m)
G40-10W 1,682 ft. (512 m)
G80-10T 2,136 ft. (651 m)
NCR SR-99 HyperSwift #200