NCR History

Hi, I'm Matt Steele, and I am very proud to present North Coast Rocketry to you!

When you see a North Coast Rocketry model fly, you will encounter an absolute treat of sight, sound, and performance. Rocketry will never be the same!

North Coast Rocketry was founded in 1984 in northeast Ohio (America's North Coast) on the premise that rockets larger than Estes "D" types could be far more fun and interesting to build and fly.


Estes acquired the manufacturing rights to North Coast products from 1996-1999.

Now I've brought North Coast Rocketry back, free from sales goals, production deadlines, or corporate approvals. NCR now is just the models and accessories that I Like to build and fly, for me and my closest you!

I'm an accomplished designer, having produced models for Estes (Big Daddy), Quest (Planet Probe), HobbyLab (SR-71 Blackbird), as well as most of the older NCR designs. I am also an accomplished model rocketry competitor, having won several national championships and international medals. More than 40 years of experience is in the NCR designs you can build and fly.

North Coast Rocketry products are available exclusively from Apogee, eRockets and eBay.


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Special thanks to:
Chris Pearson and Dan Kafun (my former partners in NCR);
Al Zlogar and Chas Russell (help with NCR's first SLC operations);
Barry Tunick and Mike Fritz (for recognizing NCR's true potential);
Dave Myers (Design and Webmaster);
Carrie, Katie & Cassidy Steele (Kit Production);
Bob Ferrante (Design); 
Roy Green (Website)
Shrox (Artwork), and Geoffrey Kerbel (Design and Master Modeler).