Unique mid-power model rockets that are easy to build and fun to fly

customer reviews

I have to say NCR are my favorite kits to build. I've built 3 and love them all. I'm planning on building a new Archer as the one I have has probably 50 launches on it!

- Chris Morrow

The NCR kits are well engineered and thought out. I have all of them! North Coast Rocketry is my only go to for all my mid-power rocket kits. Thank you Matt Steele, you have a customer for life.

- Louie Berlin

The SR-99 Hyperswift is an awesome looking rocket! Sweet launch too!

- Tom Brogan

Advanced rockets that are easy to build, fun to fly and look great on display

In 1984, NCR basically invented the class of rockets known today as mid-power rockets.

You can take advantage of designs developed by a world-class and national champion rocketeer over the past 30 years for your own enjoyment.

about us

Hi, I'm Matt Steele, and I am very proud to present North Coast Rocketry to you!

When you see a North Coast Rocketry model fly, you will encounter an absolute treat of sight, sound, and performance. Rocketry will never be the same!

North Coast Rocketry was founded in 1984 in northeast Ohio (America's North Coast) on the premise that rockets larger than Estes "D" types could be far more fun and interesting to build and fly.

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