MGM-157 Scorch™

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North Coast Rocketry is proud to release the MGM-157 Scorch, our interpretation of a future surface to surface missile.

The Scorch is designed to be a colorful easy to assemble kit that utilizes a number of unique technologies. The design is capable of flying to altitudes of almost 3,000 feet on an Aerotech G64 motor.

The kit features a number of unique components, including:

  • A colorful full body wrap and tail cone markings that provides exquisite detailing with minimal effort
  • Wet type decals that provide the final “scale-like” touches
  • 3D printed tail cone with integral fin slots and support features that make assembly clean and easy
  • A detailed scale nozzle motor retainer for great looks and reliable flights
  • 3D printed fin details
  • Nose cone painting jig, to make paint the nose easy and clean

The kit feature laser cut plywood fins, three sheets of detailed markings, a heavy duty body tube, plywood centering ring, plastic nose cone, and the heavy duty GorillaTM shock cord system.

The Scorch also includes the NCR Quick Link that makes untangling the shock cord after each flight much easier!

The kit is 2.64" in diameter, 23.25" long, and weighs 15 ounces.  Suggested motors are F15-6, F20-7W, F42-8T, F50-9T, F67-9W, and G64-10W.


Rocksim * Instructions

This is a flying model rocket kit that requires assembly.  It is intended for experienced model rocketeers only. Glue and finishing supplies, engines, and a launch system are NOT included.  Those items may be purchased online or at your local hobby/crafts store.