Bounty Hunter™

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Reminiscent of the old Estes Heatseeker™ kit (also designed by Matt Steele), the Bounty Hunter™ represents a future air-to-air missile. The design is capable of flying to altitudes of over 2,000 feet!
The kit features laser-cut plywood fins, colorful detailed self adhesive decals, a laser-cut slotted main body tube, plywood centering rings, an easy-to-finish plastic nose cone, and the heavy duty Gorilla™ shock cord system.


Length: 47” (119 cm)

Diameter: 2.64” (6.7 cm)

Weight:  19.4 oz (550 g)

Recommended Motors: Estes F15-4, Aerotech  F25-W F27-4R, F50-6T, F62-6T, F67-6W, G40-7W, G64-8W, G71-7R, G75-7M, G76-7G, G80-7T

Predicted Altitudes

 Motor Predicted Altitude
Estes F15-4 584 ft (178 m)
Aerotech F27-4R 702 ft (214 m)
Aerotech F50-6T 1,133 ft (339 m)
Aerotech G40-7W 1,698 ft (500 m)
Aerotech G80-7T 2,113 ft (644 m)

This is a flying model rocket kit that requires assembly.  It is intended for experienced model rocketeers only. Glue and finishing supplies, engines, and a launch system are NOT included.  Those items may be purchased online or at your local hobby/crafts store.