SA-14 Archer™

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The Navy's SA-14 Archer™ surface-to-air missile takes advantage of advances in technology to increase range and accuracy. This version of the missile can intercept supersonic cruise missiles, aircraft, or ballistic missile warheads. This classic NCR design, update with modern techniques, features laser-cut plywood fins, colorful detailed self adhesive decals, a laser-cut slotted main body tube, plywood centering rings, an easy-to-finish plastic nose cone, and the heavy duty Gorilla™ shock cord system.


Length: 47” (119 cm)

Diameter: 2.64” (6.7 cm)

Weight:  19.5 oz (555 g)

Recommended Motors: Estes F15-4, Aerotech F20-4W, F23-4FJ, F25-6W, F27-4R, F50-6T, F62-6T, F67-6W, G40-7W, G54-6W, G64-8W, G71-7R, G74-6W, G75-7M, G76-7G, G77-7R, G78-7G, G80-7T

Predicted Altitudes

 Motor Predicted Altitude
Estes F15-4 473 ft (145 m)
Aerotech F27-4R 584 ft (178 m)
Aerotech F50-6T 1933 ft (284 m)
Aerotech G71-7R 1,451 ft (442 m)
Aerotech G80-7T 1,813 ft (513 m)
This is a flying model rocket kit that requires assembly.  It is intended for experienced model rocketeers only. Glue and finishing supplies, engines, and a launch system are NOT included.  Those items may be purchased online or at your local hobby/crafts store.