Argo D4 Javelin 1:11.7 Sport Scale Model

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North Coast Rocketry is proud to release the Argo D4 Javelin Sport ScaleTM, a 1:11.7 sport scale model of the famous sounding rocket!

Over five years of work went into the development of the kit, which makes use of commercial grade sterolithographic 3D printed parts. The Honest John/Nike and Nike/X248 interstages are 3D printed, allowing for quick and easy assembly without sacrificing detail. The Nike fin units are injection molded for easy of assembly. Combined with lasercut plywood fins for the Honest John first stage, this model is perfect for those who want a classic scale model of the Argo D4 Javelin.

To help ensure soft landings, the kit includes a colorful NCR 36” ripstop nylon parachutes. An NCR Quick Link is also included that makes untangling the shock cord after each flight much easier!

Besides the 3D printed parts, the kit features laser cut plywood centering rings, rail guides, wet-type decals, heavy duty body tubes, and the heavy duty GorillaTM shock cord system.

The model is intended to be launched from a 1010 rail under 24mm engine power.

The design is capable of flying to altitudes over 700 feet on an Aerotech F39-4T motor. The kit is designed for single stage flight, but advanced modelers will be able to convert it to two or three stage flight without much problem.

The Sport Scale kit is 1.98" in diameter, 48.5" long, and weighs 13 ounces. Recommended motors are the Estes D12-3; Quest D22-4 and E26-4; and Aerotech E20-4W, E28-4T, E30-4T, F24-4W, and F39-4T.

The real Argo D-4 Javelin had four stages and could lift a payload of around 125 pounds (57 kg) to an apogee of 1100 kilometers. There were a total of 82 launched between 1959 and 1976. The vehicle consisted of an Honest John first stage plus two Nike upper stages plus a X-248 fourth stage. It was developed by the Air Force to replace its Jason rocket with the mission of measuring radiation in space after high-altitude nuclear explosions. It was subsequently used by NASA for a variety of high-altitude near-space scientific experiments.

3D parts designed by Mike Nowak. 3D parts printed by Galactic Manufacturing.

List Price: $179.99.

Available from, Apogee Components or eRockets!

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This is a flying model rocket kit that requires assembly.  It is intended for experienced model rocketeers only. Glue and finishing supplies, engines, and a launch system are NOT included.  Those items may be purchased online or at your local hobby/crafts store.