Airfoil Assistants™ Fin Airfoil Sanding Blocks

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For years, I always wanted some sanding jigs to help me get good airfoils on fins. Eventually I made some jigs that help me get good, consistent airfoils on balsa, plywood and G10 fins. Each block has grooves designed for leading and trailing edges (although rounding both using the leading edge groove is common for sport models and NCR kits).

These have become one of my favorite tools. It makes sanding good airfoils in your fins quick and easy. I have found the 3M Pro Grade Precision Ultra Flexible sanding sheets work the best. Try them and see!

Here’s what each block was designed for:

    * Small - 1/32" plywood and 0.030" to 0.0625" G10

    * Medium - 1/16" to 3/32" balsa and plywood

    * Large - 1/8" to 1/4" balsa and plywood

Colors may vary.