Blade Caddy™

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North Coast Rocketry is proud to release the Blade Caddy™, a handy holder for single edge razor blades.

I like to use single edge razor blades in my workshop for a variety of applications. I tended to leave them laying around everywhere, which drove my son-in-law, Pearce Stewart, crazy.  So, Pearce designed and printed a couple of holders for my work areas to cure me of my bad habit. I liked them a lot, and it is, in fact, a safer way to use and store the blades.

So, now you can get these for your workshop (and avoid annoying Pearce if he ever happens to drop in). These are 3D printed in an assortment of bright colors and hold up to four blades.

Size:               2” x 1.5” x 0.875”

Weight:          1 oz

Material:         ABS