LaunchMaster™ Battery & Charger

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The 3000 mAh 7.2V NiMH RC battery provides 30 amps of discharge current, which is plenty for most model rocketry applications. The charger has a trickle current and smart charging management system, so the battery pack will be charged more fully and more balanced. Built-in protections guards against over-charge, over-current, short circuit and reverse polarity, which protects your battery and extend life. Charging time is 6-10 hours depends on your battery capacity.

 An LED light on the charger stays in red during charging process and turns blue when battery is fully charged. Flashing red indicates that there is a bad connection. The blinking red and blue indicator indicates that the battery polarity is inversely connected. If you plug in power, the charger will automatically detect the battery voltage and match the right current to charge.  
It will shut off when battery is fully charged in order to avoid over-charging.

 The battery comes with standard Tamiya connector that connects with the LaunchMaster Controller.

 Size:     5.1”(13cm)x 1.8”(4.6cm)  x 0.9”(2.3cm)