Phantom 4000

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Back by popular demand, North Coast Rocketry is proud to release the 2024 version of the Phantom 4000 (tm). This classic kit, first released by NCR in 1986, has been updated to incorporate new features to ensure impressive arrow-straight flights time after time! 
The NCR Phantom 4000, designed around the new NCR 3.9” diameter airframe tube, stands tall at 51.5”. Using 29mm F & G class model rocket motors, it soars majestically into the sky, reaching altitudes of about 1,500 feet on an Aerotech G80-7T motor. 
The kit is the first of the NCR kits to incorporate the new “Gorilla Fin Lock(tm)” design. Even with industry-standard through-the-wall fin systems, sometimes fins pop out on a rough landing. The Gorilla Fin Lock approach uses slots in the fin tabs to lock the leading edge of the fin in place; the Aft Fin Lock Ring does the same for the trailing edge of the fin tabs. The result is a rock-solid joint that better resists landing damage.
The Phantom 4000 uses a screw on motor retainer system for positive retention of Aerotech motors.  The kit includes both ¼” launch lugs and 1010 rail buttons to match the launch pad of your choice.
The Gorilla Shock Cord™ approach also is a little different from other systems. There is a long length of 500# test Kevlar to keep the parts together with a high strength, flame resistant line. However, Kevlar has no shock absorption properties – we found in testing that attachment points would often fail as a result. So, we added a parallel elastic bungee shock cord to absorb the shock. Upon ejection, both cords will fly out of the airframe tube, and the elastic will stretch to up to double its length, absorbing the ejection shock energy. If the elastic burns through or otherwise breaks, it does not result in a flight failure with multiple parts falling out of the sky; instead, the Kevlar line holds everything together for a safe and soft landing. Because the elastic line has a tendency to twist up on recovery, there’s a Quik Link that lets you unhook the elastic line, untwist it, and reattach it to the model after every flight.
The kit also features: 
* Precision laser cut plywood fins
* Pre-slotted body tube
* Detailed "peel and stick" decal markings
* Plywood centering rings
* Lightweight plastic nose cone
Length 51.5” (130.8 cm)
Diameter 3.90” (9.9 cm)
Weight 26.5 oz. (750 g)
Recommended Motors:

Aerotech F42-4T, F52-5C, F67-4W, G71-7R, G76-7G, G77-7R, G78-7G, G79-7W,       G80-7NT

Launch Photos courtesy of Moe Bertrand